Gentle Suggestions // November

Seems like I'm late to the wagon this month! I've been in this weird slump lately where I feel like I've just been pushing social media and writing away to focus on my life off any kind of screen. I know I've said that I would post more last month but things just got really weird and I'm so sorry to have broken my promise to anyone who reads this space! Here comes gentle suggestions :)

Iskandar Jalil
(Singaporean ceramist)

Iskandar Jalil is a Singaporean ceramist and I am embarrassed to admit that I have only recently discovered him despite his long career. To be honest, I haven't taken an interest in Singaporean artists (like many Singaporeans) until only this year which is extremely regrettable as right after discovering him, I found out that the show I attended at The National Gallery might possibly be one of his last ever due to cancer. 

While visiting his show at the museum, I was really impressed by his thought process and the way in which simple ceramics could convey his love for his interns or even what his feelings were at a certain point in time. The colours and his wish to draw back into everyday items Singaporeans use really touched me and his dedication to his craft during his whole adult life is extremely admirable.

If you're interested to visit his show, you may visit The National Gallery here in Singapore if you live here or visiting. 

P.S. Singaporean artists (or even musicians even) struggle really hard in this country especially if the government is not aware of them and does not support them. I would love love love to feature more Singaporean artists and musicians to raise more appreciation for them in this country, what do you guys think?

WahlieTV, Vagabond Youth, IAMKARENO, Claire Marshall

It's the start of December and anyone who is interested in YouTube will know it only means one thing: VLOGMAS
I start my day or end them watching vlogs and here are some suggestions of youtubers I just absolutely love. (okay some don't vlog but I'm just gonna throw them in here anyway)

Wahlie TV
Okay, I know I know, Weylie and Wah are so popular that most of you would already be watching their vlogs without my recommendation but there's something about the way they communicate to their viewers that makes me feel like I'm there with them. Just good vibes all around. If you haven't gotten into watching them, I highly highly recommend it. Hopefully once you start, you'll realise why so many people love them too. 

Vagabond Youth
I only discovered Amy from Vagabond Youth a few months ago and what I love about her is the old-school YouTube vibe her videos have. They're raw, intimate and so real that I just relate to her on so many levels. I feel like so many YouTube channels out there now aren't authentic enough and they just feel like they're just not relatable no matter how much they tell their viewers that they're appreciative of them. In this video, Amy talks about so many things that we millennials struggle with that I really highly recommend you watch.

Karen might be another popular YouTuber online but the effort she puts into her videos and the aesthetic she has really impresses me especially this video! I will admit that she doesn't always have as much authentic, sit-down videos that allows me to relate to her but videos like these are enough for me especially just for the aesthetic vibes.

Claire Marshall
Okay, I'll be honest, I haven't always liked Claire Marshall but she has really stepped up her game past makeup videos lately. This video was a winner for me where she really expressed herself and her innermost thoughts to her viewers that I could appreciate a lot. If you're into makeup and fitness, Claire will suit you really well. Oh and she's doing vlogmas too, yay!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

It seems almost cliche now after this saying got popular but throughout this whole year, I feel as if this phrase has stuck with me and helped me grow. Living in a city with a busy lifestyle, it's so easy for all of us to get caught up in our lives and demand that things go our way when they don't. But what most people don't understand is why they even want something in the first place. Is it because it looks good to be in certain schools? Is it because we think we are asserting our rights by demanding that things fall into place because of what we've planned earlier? Let's just all breathe and realise that sometimes things don't go our way and that's perfectly okay. Follow the flow of life, take things as they are now and stop sweating the little things just because they aren't what we planned for the day or our future. 

I hope everyone enjoyed November's Gentle Suggestions and if you have any suggestions on what you'd like me to cover on my blog, feel free to email me or Instagram message me. We're all family here! xx


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