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It's not often I come across a home I instantly love but this place is the exception. Cozy yet modern, Bowha's home is the stuff of fervent Pinterest pins. With long, hanging creepers, plants and sunlight everywhere we turn, it takes pure talent and a great eye for interior to call this space one's home! Stay with us as we explore how she lives, what inspired her home and what home means to her.

Edit and words: Rachel Loh
Pictures: Bowha (@organic_everything)

Please introduce yourself!
Hi, my name is Bowha (보화) and I live in Southern California with my husband, 3-year old son and 2 Persian cats.  I love interior design, organic cooking and photography. 

We're curious what home means to you
When I think of home I think of my family because we spend a lot of time here together.  I enjoy peaceful vibes at home and try to make my interior designs reflect that.  Home is truly where my heart is!
What is a typical morning like in your home?
Our mornings usually start with our toddler son who comes to wake us up in the morning!  After fixing him some breakfast in our newly remodeled kitchen (which I love), I like to open up all our curtains to allow the light to come in our house as much as possible.  We also have a lot of plants so I like to water them as well in the morning. 

Many only start developing an interest in interior or household related things after marriage. Did you already have an interest when you were younger? 
Actually, that is quite true for me as well.  I became much more interested after getting married and having a baby because I was spending more time at home.  So naturally because I spent more time at home, I was able to become more creative in how I wanted the home to look like.  However, when I was younger I did have a natural interest in DIY crafts so I was able to develop those talents more after marriage.

What did you consider most when you arranged your home?
I wanted to make our home more airy with a peaceful, nature vibe. Also, I was going for a more modern (and Bohemian) but vintage look to the interior.  Light is also very important and this home is well positioned to receive lots of light so we love that. We love the natural wooden floors of our home along with the white walls. In addition to the natural light, the light fixtures are very important so we replaced a lot of the lights. Lastly, the first thing we did when we moved to our house was remodel the entire kitchen, adding in brand new quartz countertops, updated appliances and a farmhouse sink with all the cabinets, shelves, drawers and tile floors painted white. 

We've noticed that you have a lot of plants in your home. Why is that so?
I think plants add a lot to the nature vibe I was going for. Also, on a practical level, plants are good for the air because they act as a natural filter so it gives us clean air to breathe. In general, I just love plants too! In terms of the furniture, it is very simple with neutral colours to add to the simplicity. 

Has living in California influenced and/or changed the idea of what home means to you?
Living in California is very relaxing and peaceful all year long because we don't have a lot of extreme weather that comes with the typical 4 seasons in other parts of the country and world.  We get lots of sunshine year-long here and I love that.

What is your biggest interest now?
My biggest interest now is interior design and photography, so I hope to pursue these professionally in the near future.

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