Gentle Suggestions // September

September....ah September. This month has been such a chaos of finding and losing myself so I apologise that I have not been updating this blog as regularly as I promised. Sometimes I even questioned if what I have gone through (and still am going through) is real. However, I am back with our monthly Gentle Suggestions that I have gathered along this month that have given me inspiration and comfort. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Suzann

Photos from Elizabeth Suzann SS16, taken by Zachary Gray

"We believe in mindful, careful consumption"

Elizabeth Suzann is a brand that you cannot help but love and believe in even if you don't purchase their products. The lady boss behind this brand of her own namesake is a firm believer in clothes that can fit women of all sizes and that clothes should be investments that can be worn for years after purchase. Each piece is designed and made in the same building by Elizabeth and her team. They believe in taking their time in the creation of clothing and that "the wait for each garment is a time to reflect, a time to anticipate, a time to appreciate what goes into bringing it to life - so that when it arrives, it’s a thing worth treasuring because it was a thing worth waiting for."

Check them out here!

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Seonmi Hwang

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by South Korean, Sun-Mi Hwang, is a story from the view of an ambitious hen who wanted nothing but to escape the desolate life she had as a barn hen. It pays tribute to the sacrifices mothers make and the boundless love they have for their children. This easy-to-read and touching story follows her journey as a single mother and the trials she faces in her life. If you're looking for a short story that will stay with you, give this a go!

Pause and Breathe

This month has been hard on me but I have learnt through various trials and errors that being so hard on yourself only makes you feel worse. If you're going through a tough time be it a hard day at work, bullying, insecurities or a loss of a loved one, breathe. 

Pause and Breathe.

Now, feel better? Focus on your breathing and nothing else for 10 seconds. Smile, relax! But sometimes, pausing and literally breathing sometimes doesn't help all that much on days that you feel your lowest. On days like that, stop whatever you're feeling and just let your emotions out. It could be talking to a friend, watching a funny YouTube video or dancing to your favourite happy song. Whatever it is, do something, anything, to not allow yourself to dwell on things that you can't change and feel better. 

Whatever your challenges in life are, let's overcome them together. I hope this blog can grow to be a community of like-minded people looking out for and helping each other!

Thank you for reading and see you in next month's Gentle Suggestions!


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