Self-Centred Social Media

Today, I want to talk about "self-centred social media".

When I first started my blog, my sister cautioned me that my intentions to share information and knowledge to you (my readers) could easily turn into self-centred social media. While I'm not condemning those who do practice this, I have to question the motives and reasons of this practice and why thousands if not, millions of people buy into it.

Before we open that can of worms, what is self-centred social media? (I'm sure there will be an exact term for this but let's just call it this for easy reference) It is the perception that everyone is interested in what you do, what you wear, what you eat and who you hang out with (the list goes on). This perception extends into the social media handles you have and very soon, you've lost the reason why you're on the platforms you are on except to sell yourself as a brand and make money.

As someone who is "insta-famous" (so cringey), I sometimes fall into that and I can easily see where the line blurs. After all, people are interested in your photos and that "validation" can easily transform into you thinking that they are interested in everything you do. I too am guilty of spending my time wondering why my photos aren't getting the same amount of likes, thinking that if I stop posting frequently that people would stop being interested in my account and etc etc. It's toxic. It's obsessive and it needs to be stopped. The pressure to conform and to be that person that your followers think you are (in my case, to also always have visually pleasing photos) is to put it kindly, bleh.

You should have a purpose when you are in the limelight or aspiring to be. It is not an easy position and having that many people look up to you or hold you up on a pedestal can go to your head. We all need to re-think our purpose for even being on social media platforms in the first place. If you're there because you have the perception that everyone should care about your every move and that your self-confidence is on the weight of another stranger's shoulders, you need to wake up. We are all intelligent beings capable of being and giving's time that we acted like it.


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