Gentle Suggestions // January

I've been noticing as I grow older that time passes by quicker than I'm ready for. This squirmy, weird feeling inside me of not having done enough for the day or month is increasingly apparent as I realise (like today) that another month has gone by and I'm afraid. I'm afraid of not having lived enough, learnt enough or been a better person than I could have. Maybe it's all part of being at an age and life that I'm still figuring out what I want in the present and future or maybe it's something else. I'm still figuring it out but I'll let you know when I have it down.

But enough talk, let's dive into January's Gentle Suggestions. 

Filippa K

You guys know how much I love a good quality, sustainable and less is more brand. Filippa K checks each box off and is one of my favourite brands to drool over. However, it's not exactly cheap and each time I visit the website, I have trouble refraining myself from putting my bank through some extremely tough times. Having no constant income as a fresh grad and a thirst for something out of my budget means I stare at each piece longingly while imagining myself exploring a European city wearing that said piece. 

Photos by Filippa K
Visit their online shop here.

1) Electric Guest - Dear to Me
2) Chelou - Halfway to Nowhere

This month, I have two songs instead of just one for you guys. I couldn't decide and I love discovering new songs so hope you don't mind more than just one!

Electric Guest - Dear to Me

I would admit that the video is at times a little cliche but gosh, is this a feel-good song. When I listen to this, I get reminded of how good life is and how unnecessary negativity is. It just makes me want to put in my earphones and dance through the forest (imaginary in my case unless you count buildings as trees). 

Chelou - Halfway to Nowhere

This second song suggestion is a little more quirky than usual. The video is strange yet so compelling that I believe I've watched it well over ten times. If I would hazard a guess, I would guess that the plot plays on The Garden of Eden and a woman's journey to find herself after becoming lured by the allure of sin in today's world. Although it ends with her texting and shedding her demonic suit so perhaps demons exist in different skins today, not just in the traditional red and horns form. 

Meaning:   Showing no intelligence or imagination
We've all been there, well I've been there way more times than I would have liked. Making a fool of ourselves on the Internet is easy and always embarrassing when you realise what a colossal dick how thick-headed you've been afterwards.

It's easy to fall into vapidity and silliness when you enter the Internet. There are so many opinions to choose from, so many different types of people to follow and listen to that sometimes, the only way to find answers and opinions you really need are based off of your own maturity and reasoning. If you're young, impressionable and vulnerable to multiple opinions, the Internet can really be the worst place to gather information. Especially in the last year and this coming year where there will be more division of opinions, it's important to be able to understand what you want out of the Internet. 

Pop culture and the draw to follow the "popular", "attractive" and "cool" people online can be very alluring. Humans are only humans. We assume that attractive people have the best opinions even if they don't because sometimes we don't know enough information to discern what we want to absorb. There is no right and wrong online. There isn't a right way to do things or the right people to follow but sometimes, it's just vapidity and we need to know how to cut through it all so as to make better human beings.

P.S. The word vapid is so nice to pronounce and say in such a sassy way.

Thanks again for reading and I hope I've enhanced your life in any way through this post. See you on the flip side, xx.


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