Gentle Suggestions // December

It's the first post of 2017 and we're already halfway through January. I can't believe how quickly 2016 has come and gone! We've endured heartbreaks, deaths, global warming, terrorism, everyday racism and we've lived to see another year. I'm incredibly proud of you, reading this now, to have come out of one heck of a year and to be ready for another crazy year of growth.

This 2017, it's high time we move towards being kinder and more authentic beings towards each other and the environment. Without further ado, let's talk about gentle suggestions shall we?

Kwak Myeong Ju
(South Korean Artist)

Kwak Myeong Ju (곽명주) is an artist whom I've been constantly impressed by during the past year that I've been following her on Instagram. Her unique and sometimes innocent outlook on life is reflected through her work depicting everyday life (mostly in Seoul, where she lives) capturing what we sometimes take for granted in our mundane everyday. From talking on the phone to sitting on a bench enjoying the company of a stranger, Myeong Ju reminds me everyday to appreciate every moment.

Work and photos by Kwak Myeong Ju

You can follow her work via her Facebook page and Instagram as well as watch her work here:

Headcase by Day Wave

Ahhh, this song has been on constant repeat for the past month. Whenever it's time to head out, this song is my go-to music when I'm commuting on the train or the bus. The upbeat rhythm coupled with Day Waves ethereal, mystical voice is so soothing yet really puts me in such a great mood. This song has helped me get through my toughest days and I hope it helps you get through yours too. 

Look Inwards

Decembers taught me many lessons. One of which is to look inwards. I've struggled a lot in 2016 dealing with heartbreak, confidence and trust issues. Prolonged periods of holding off self-reflection and unwanted dealings with my own thoughts has taught me this, look inwards. The only way to truly move on, straighten your back and get out the door is to deal with what you are unconsciously or consciously pushing aside. Don't fight it, accept it. I've found that mulling over my thoughts and feelings when I'm showering then writing them down with what I'd like to improve helps a lot. Find what works for you in dealing with what you feel is not working out but don't hold back any longer, life is too unpredictable to stay stagnant. 

Once again, live your life graciously and thank you for staying with me. DM me, email me or comment down below if you're having a terrible day, xx.


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