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Back from a break away from this space and I must say it's done me some good. Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself on this space and I'm not sure if what I'm trying to achieve actually gets achieved but I'm glad to be back. I've gotten some new and exciting ideas for projects that would be more meaningful for this space. In the meantime, give me a shout if you've got any ideas!

Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool has been on my radar these few months. The brand hails from Barcelona, Spain and explores photography, fashion and art. The easy, effortless style and that free spirit vibe of the brand really appeals to me especially the recurring art on clothing and art of clothing theme they have going. Paloma Wool does summer clothing so well so what can I say? I'm a summer child through and through after all.

All photos above belong to Paloma Wool

That's Chic (Rachel Nguyen)

Rachel Nguyen, what can I say. I adore her! Her videos are cheeky, playful and real. It's not too edited and it's funny at times even (watch How to Pack like a Pro). From her style to what she shares with the Internet, everything seems so original (I know, nothing is original) and authentic which is hard to find online with everyone producing the same content (myself included), dressing similarly and indulging in the same habits. 

If you'd like to check out more of Rachel Nguyen,

Wild Swans by Jung Chang

I haven't recommended a book in ages and I have my grandfather to thank for this one! I've always been interested in learning more about China's history and my heritage (so to speak). Knowing this, my granddad got me this book and I love it. It's a biography and a non-fiction book, genres I never knew I'd be interested in but this is told in such a real and as-it-is way that I couldn't stop flipping the pages. 

Wild Swans follows the story of 3 generations of women in China, all in different ages of the nation's life and their struggles in each age. From the author's grandmother, to her mother and to herself, each life story is told wonderfully. If you're ever interested or are interested in understanding China and its people, take a read and perhaps you'd be able to comprehend more.

Thanks for reading and as usual, let me know if your thoughts and opinions on Instagram! I'd love to hear about your stories from last month. XX


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