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Introductions are always difficult for me. What do I say that won't sound self-indulgent? Should I say less to seem more "artsy"? Every month is hard with new challenges that I'm constantly taking on, saying it's difficult every month just kind of takes the aim of this segment away into a diary of self-indulgence. So I'm not really sure what to say here anymore except that if you're still reading my blog...thank you. I hope we all learn from each other more because that was why I started this segment in the very first place.

Kim Whye Kee
Singapore Ceramist 

Family Dinner by Kim Whye Kee (Yellow Ribbon)

I must confess, I've only discovered about Kim Whye Kee in March. The first weekend of March to be exact, at the second Human Library event. Kim Whye Kee is an ex-convict turned artist who found forgiveness and repentance through pottery. After his father passed away and he had to attend his funeral with his hands handcuffed and in prison garb, Whye Kee realised that his past life no longer held any meaning for him anymore and took up pottery in prison. After deciding to come out of prison a changed man, Whye Kee decided to leave his gang and became the artist he is today.

His experiences in leading a gang lends itself to various projects he has done for the museum like Family Dinner in SAM (Singapore Art Museum) pictured above and his project on the romanticism of secret societies. 

Whye Kee is just one of Singapore's ex-convicts looking to change society and societal mindsets and I applaud him for it. 

If you'd like to check out his works: 
His company, Qi Pottery's Instagram and Facebook

All photos in this section belong to Kim Whye Kee.

I have been listening to loads of music these days and I would love to recommend at least 10 but that might be a little crazy and I don't think all of you would appreciate the music spam so I guess I'll just settle for a few this time. Some songs I've been listening to are new finds, some are re-visits and some are just music secrets that are no longer secrets.

Tom Misch - Sunshine

Ah, Tom really know how to make me groove...I've been really enjoying his music lately in the mornings before I head to work. Crazy Dream is another favourite but I must admit that Sunshine's got my heart. This song has been keeping me going whenever I'm feeling blue and is such a great start to my morning. Also, such a great song to dance to in the shower...

Maggie Rogers - Alaska


Mags here is phenomenal. I'm not kidding. She's created this genre all by herself of mixing dance beats and folk music. The result is this music that just gets into your soul when you listen to it. It never gets old for me and I've been listening to this song for the past month on repeat, everyday. It sounds crazy but trust me and listen to it for yourself. You'll hopefully get what I'm trying to poorly express.

John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

John Mayer is one of my artist re-visits and this song in particular has been my favourite especially this live set by him. John Mayer's warm voice combined with his melancholic lyrics is genius. After his recent releases (which I wasn't a great fan of), I'd forgotten how much I liked his older songs and I guess my recent binge repeats are testament enough to it.

Accept yourself

This seems like a no-brainer and has been advocated by so many in the media especially social media but I've always found it ironic and cringe-worthy when said by someone who has a massive following or when reading about it through opinion pieces about the writer's journey to find self-acceptance and self-love. Everyone is always talking about self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect but the advocates are usually those being influenced by societal demands and are never truly themselves because they're always trying to be skinny or always trying to have the "right diet" or "look". With the "trend" of loving yourself, is it even really about loving yourself anymore?

What is even original anymore and what does being yourself mean in today's context? I always say "you do you" to my friends but what does that even mean anymore when we are constantly told by the media what originality should look like. So to whoever is reading this, I have no advice to be honest. Just to always listen to yourself and do what feels comfortable. You don't have to do yoga, be a weekend warrior or have money in the bank to be "original". Be content and the rest will follow.


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